Located on the Cauca Valley to the west of the Cauca River and to the east of the Western Mountain Range near the hills known as Farallones de Cali. Cali is Colombia’s third largest city and a center for sugar and coffee industry. It enjoys terrific nightlife in the salsotecas, and is known as the salsa capital of Latin America. Cali offers historical areas with cultural variety and other attractions. In downtown Cali, there are many historical churches like La Merced and La Ermita. Cali contains a well preserved historical center, the most important zone is La plaza de Caicedo, considered the center of the city, which is a square surrounded by many historical and modern buildings.

Santiago de Cali, simply referred to as Cali, is a city in western Colombia and the capital of the Valle del Cauca Department. With a population of 2.5 million, Cali is the third largest city in the country. The principal urban, cultural, and economic site in southwestern Colombia, Cali has one of the fastest growing economies in the country due to its geographic location. The city was founded on 25 July 1536 by the Spanish conquistador Sebastián de Belalcázar.

It is the main sports center of Colombia, being the only Colombian city to have hosted the Pan American Games (in 1971) and will host the ninth edition of the World Games in 2013, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2014, and the World Youth Championships in Athletics in 2015.

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