Margarita island

Margarita island

Margarita island of vast stretches of coastline. Margarita Island is part of the Caribbean islands which lie d the east of the capital Caracas. Old white church, a beautiful palace, and the market combined with a variety of food outlets scattered in every corner of the island. So, visitors should not worry if you feel hungry.

The island gained independence from the Spanish in 1814 after the collapse of the First Republic of Venezuela. It became the first permanently free territory in Venezuela. In the same year, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi was detained for over three years in a dungeon of the Fortress of Santa Rosa on the island in an attempt to put pressure on her husband Juan Bautista Arismendi, who was fighting for independence.

The island’s status as a duty-free port and proximity to the mainland make it a popular vacation spot for Venezuelans. It sees a large number of tourists around Christmas time, Easter week, and from July to mid-September. Whiskey, cheese, chocolate, and electrical appliances, among other goods, can be purchased less expensively than on the mainland.

Margarita Island will be the venue for the 2014 Caribbean Series. This will be the second time Margarita Island has hosted the Series; 2010 was the first. It is expected that the development of the tourism industry on the island will be expedited by the influence of predominantly Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan sports enthusiasts for the duration of the competition.

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